• Diploma of Higher Education in Psychology & Criminology Diploma of Higher Education in
    Psychology & Criminology

This course is aimed at providing the entry qualifications to a range of professions that involve preventing and investigating crimes and other deviant behavior of people. Both areas of criminal and forensic studies involve a great degree of understanding and predicting human behavior and thinking patterns. Thus, a dual qualification in Criminology with Psychology to facilitate and enhance your career is ideal for those who are interested to work with law enforcement to solve crimes, provide expert testimony in courts and do criminal profiling. This is a well established field in the other parts of the world and soon will become popular in our region with the tendency of making the criminal investigations more transparent and in line with international justice standards, making our prisons more humane with more correctional emphasis. Students could either continue with the same combination for the final year or switch the field entirely to psychology.

  • Duration        : 2 Year
  • Semester       : 6
  • RQF Credits   : 240
  • Schedule        : Full Time/Part Time
  • Delivery         : On site
  • Intakes:          : February & September
Modules Credits
Introduction to Psychology 15
Biopsychology 15
Cognitive Psychology 15
Developmental Psychology 15
Social Psychology 15
Research Methods - QN 15
Research Methods - QL 15
Personality 15
Statistics 1 15
Motivation & Emotion 15
Modules Credits
Introduction to Criminology 15
Criminal Behavior & Offender Profiling 15
Sexual Offenders 15
Psychology for the Courtroom 15
Modules Credits
Statistics 2 15
Basics of Neuroscience 15
Psychometrics 15
Memory 15
Human Mind & Language 15
Modules Credits
Forensic Child Psychology 15
Post Trauma Counseling 15
Placement 15

Academic Qualifications

  • Minimum Two (02) passes at GCE A/L in any stream or passing an equivalent Secondary School after a minimum 12 years of school education, qualification recognized by the government of the particular country

  • Or a Foundation Degree/ Diploma that meets the expected criteria of the academic board, awarded by a recognized awarding body or institution.

  • Students over 20 years of age who do not meet the above criteria could consult a student adviser to inquire about the alternative eligibility criteria for mature and working students.

  • Language Proficiency

  • All our programs are delivered in English and a higher level of language proficiency is required to successfully complete these qualifications.

  • Following methods are utilized to ensure that you meet the above language proficient criteria : Have obtained IELTS overall 6.0 with no less than 5.5 in each element Or Pass the English Language Proficiency Test conducted by CIRP at the interview (free of charge)
  • Language Skills Support

  • Students who do not meet the Language Proficiency requirements are provided a free of change English Language Proficiency Development Course in order to support them to achieve the required level of proficiency.

  • All students have access to the Language Proficiency Development Centre throughout their period of study to obtain small group or one on one support for English.

  • Academic Writing Skills

  • Academic writing skills are essential to successfully complete different types of assessment you may face. In the beginning of every program students are provided an Academic Writing & Presentation Skills Course where they improve skills on referencing, in text citations and other academic and scientific communication skills.

  • Mathematics Support

  • All Bachelor’s degrees awarded by any reputed university include research method and basic statistics. For students who may struggle with maths, CIRP offers support through a Mathematics Help Centre throughout their period of study to obtain small group or one on one support for Maths.

  • Course Fee may vary based on the intake. You could download the course fee list for the current intake Here.

    Funding through banks

  • Many leading banks in Sri Lanka have collaborated with CIRP to offer various forms of funding options for Sri Lankan students including student loans, credit card installments ect. . You may find out the details of the banks Here or speak to a student adviser to get more information.
  • Scholarships

  • CIRP offers a range of scholarships to both Sri Lankan and international students. You may find out the details of the scholarships Here or speak to a student adviser to get more information.
  • Discounts

  • Students are also offered various discounts. You may find out the details of the discounts relevant to the current intake Here or speak to a student adviser to get more information.