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Study at CIRP

Undergraduate programs

Bachelor’s degree or the first degree is an important factor that determines ones career and therefore most aspects of the future of one’s life. Psychology is one of the most popular choices for bachelor’s degrees world-wide mainly because it offers opportunities for rewarding, satisfying and prestigious careers. While most of the psychology based jobs pay more than average income many individuals are able to be their own boss starting their own psychotherapy and counseling center or consultancy and coaching firm.

One of the defining aspects of a career in psychology is its sheer variety. People with degrees in psychology can go in many directions. Psychology degrees empower students with many transferable skills and therefore they are employable in a range of fields from mental health, child care, social care, education, rehabilitation, teaching, special needs education, research, corporate training, HRM, consultancy, Branding & advertising, consumer research, sports psychology and life style coaching to name a few.

At CIRP School of Psychology you have the opportunity of studying for your bachelor’s degree from Coventry University UK. If you are after A/L and meet entry criteria you could start your BSc (Hons) in Psychology right away. First two years are delivered as a Diploma of Higher Education in Psychology (DHEP) and then you will enter the final year of the degree, both awarded by Coventry University. Advantage of offering the degree in two steps is that it largely reduces the course fee, giving you the opportunity to obtain a degree from a top 12 British university for an affordable fee.

After your DHEP you could decide to stay and complete your degree in Sri Lanka at CIRP or transfer to a university abroad. Please visit the transfer options page for more details.

If you do not possess 2 passes at A/L’s of would like to start the BSc soon after your O/L, join CIRP International Foundation. Upon completing the foundation program you are eligible to enter the DHEP to continue your studies in to the BSc (Hons) in Psychology.

Postgraduate programs

Psychology, the scientific study of human behavior and thinking patterns is one of the leading scientific disciplines in the world and it is predicted to become much more popular in the future as the world is becoming more and more curious about the influence of mind on all human behaviors and experiences. As a result the demand for individuals with knowledge and skills in psychology are increasing in all forms of services and industries.

The demand for psychological input is compulsory for services such as health, education, social work, rehabilitation, criminal and forensic fields and child care in most parts of the world. Industries such as IT, Architecture and Manufacturing are also seeking for psychological input to make their products much more efficient, user friendly and appealing to people. Corporate sector has started using psychological models and applications from recruitment and selection to work stress management and improving productivity.

As a result of these developments having a postgraduate qualification in psychology is going to be a definite value addition in the future in terms of employability. Considering these trends in the world and the region, CIRP School of Psychology offers a range of postgraduate qualifications awarded by Coventry University UK. All these programs can be completed in Sri Lanka and the teaching staff and the learning resources to deliver these programs to British standards is ensured by the rigorous quality assurance mechanism out in place by CIRP and Coventry University.

Diploma programs

Psychology is all about explaining human behavior in a scientific manner. Studying psychology would give one the ability to understand the behaviors and attitudes of others as well as the skill to reflect on their own behavior. Ability to understand people will give you the ability to predict their behavior and then to influence their behavior. Isn’t that what we struggle to do in every aspect our life? Whether as a parent at home, teacher in school, manager at an office, salesman with a client or as a trainer in a gym, we are continuously trying to positively influence others behaviors.

This is where the knowledge and the skills in psychology could come to your advantage. Whatever the field you work in, whether you are employed, unemployed or running your own business psychology could make things better for you and the people around you.

Professional diplomas awarded by CIRP School of Psychology are carefully designed to provide the individuals in other professions the essential knowledge in psychology required to increase effectiveness of their interactions with others, improve quality of life of themselves and the people around them.

Weekend Programs

Knowledge and skills in psychology are more beneficial for people who interact with other on a frequent basis. Thus it is the vision of CIRP School of Psychology that individuals who are employed and engaged in their professions should be provided with opportunities to gain these valuable skills. Especially in line with the institutes mission of capacity building in psychological services in the country, it is essential that this segment of the society has access to training and education in psychology.

As a result CIRP School of Psychology offers a range of qualifications that are delivered during weekends. Most of these programs are equal to full time programs in terms of total learning hours, thus the students are able to complete these qualifications within a time frame similar to the full time students.

However considering that the number of teaching hours and other requirements must be equal to full time programs, student studying on weekends will have more lecture hours for a day and will have longer semesters with less number of holidays.

Weekend program include undergraduate, postgraduate and professional diploma programs. The availability on weekends is mentioned in the program structure of all programs