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Masters in
Business and Organisational Psychology


The ability to understand, predict and influence people is essential in business, and being an expert in these areas is vital for success in the corporate world.

Business psychology provides insights that help us to understand the behaviours of people in business and organisational contexts in a scientific manner through reliable and valid research.

This postgraduate qualification covers some of the well-established domains of business psychology such as leadership and group behavior, coaching, recruitment and assessment, employee interaction, consumer research, talent management, reward systems, health and wellbeing of employees, culture of organisations and psychometric testing in allocating work tasks.

This is an ideal qualification for individuals in middle to senior management level of corporate organisations as well as fresh graduates who aspire to excel in careers in corporate training and coaching, business consultancy, psychometric testing, consumer and market research or to become business psychologists.

This qualification is accredited by the Association of Business Psychologists (ABP) in UK and, based on an agreement between CIRP and ABP UK, students are eligible for membership upon completion of the program.

Program Structure


RQF Level




Scheduled Intake

Delivery & Assessment

Mode of Assessment


MSc Business & Organisational Psychology



1 Year

Weekend (Sunday)

February & September


Assignments and Final Project (Literature Review)

On Campus, 1 Year in Sri Lanka

Module Structure

This MSc course provides an empirical, theoretical and methodological introduction to the field of business and organisational psychology. It appeals to both psychology and business graduates who wish to pursue careers as managers, human resource practitioners, organizational consultants, training providers, and business psychologists generally.

Compulsory Modules

Work and Well-Being
Psychological Assessment at Work
Learning, Training and Development
Project Planning and Research Skills
Consumer Psychology
Leadership, Engagement and Motivation
Critical Thinking for Business Psychology
Business Psychology Literature Review and Business Plan

Entry Criteria

A Bachelor's degree in any discipline
An equivalent professional qualification

Individuals who do not possess the above entry qualifications but have other forms of prior learning and/or work experience may apply under non traditional entry routes. Such requests will be evaluated on case by case basis by the academic boards of both CIRP and Coventry University.

Language Proficiency

A very good command of English Language in reading, writing and speaking is required to successfully complete this program.

Students whose medium of primary and secondary education is not English, should either obtain an IELTS Score of 6.00 or provide any other proof of proficiency of English Language acceptable to the academic board.

Admission Process

All candidates are selected through an interview.


How often would I have to attend classes?

This program is designed to meet the convenience of working individuals. Thus, classes are held on Sundays, usually from 8.30 a.m. – 3.30 p.m.

How is teaching done for this program?

Each module consists of between 12- 15 sessions of direct teaching that covers the learning objectives.

How are the students assessed?

Students are assessed through a combination of module-based assignments and a final project.

How many modules are delivered in this program?

Eight teaching modules are covered under this program.

What learning materials and resources do I have access to?

All your lecture slides could be downloaded from the Student Portal and a range of e-books, journals, articles and research papers are available through CIRP Online Resources. You could also refer or borrow books from the CIRP Library, which is open from 8.00 a.m. – 8.00 p.m. on all 7 days.