• BSc (Hons) Psychology (UK) BSc (Hons) Psychology (UK)

BSc (Hons) Psychology (UK)

A bachelor’s degree in Psychology is the best pathway for individuals interested in any  field that requires understanding, predicting and influencing human behavior and thinking. Traditionally a BSc (Hons) in Psychology was considered as a degree taken by individuals who wish to pursue a career a mental health. But with the  emergence of new fields such as Child Psychology, Business Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Sports Psychology and  Neuroscience,  a graduate in psychology is able to select a wide range of professions as their career. BSc degree in Psychology is considered a qualification that empowers the student with the most number of transferable skills. 

Students who start their higher education in psychology are able to take up rewarding, satisfying and respected professions such as Psychotherapists, Special Needs Teachers, Clinical Psychologists, Counseling Psychologists, Child Psychologists, Forensic Psychologists, Sports Psychologist, Neuroscientists, Researchers, Coaching Psychologists and many other careers.

This degree is designed to produce globally employable graduates, who could work in a multicultural, international setting and deliver the expectations of employers worldwide. 

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Program Structure

This program is delivered in two stages. First two years of the program is delivered as a Diploma of Higher Education in Psychology (DHEP) awarded by CIRP. Upon completion of the DHEP, students enter the Final Year. At the end of the program students will receive a BSc (Hons) in Psychology, a 3 years Bachelor of Science honors degree in Psychology which is equal in recognition, credibility and acceptance of a degree in Psychology awarded by any recognized UK university.

Program Highlights

BSc (Hons) Psychology Program delivered at CIRP is the most popular and the most demanded  Psychology degree program in Sri Lanka, and also it is the leading psychology degree offered by a private university in South Asia. Key features that makes the CIRP program stand out from the rest include:

Comprehensive coverage of international curriculum requirements within first two years

                Statistics 1 , Statistics 2, Quantitative Research, Qualitative Research  

Only program in Sri Lanka that covers a full module of Psychometric Testing

                Students trained on conducting assessments appropriate for their competence

In depth coverage of curriculum with lectures, workshops and tutorials

                Range of assessments aimed at employability of students



Assessments are designed to ensure that the students have achieved the required learning outcomes. Students are provided opportunity to take a range of assessments including  written examinations, essays and assignments submitted online, individual and group presentations, social media projects, mini research projects, case studies and individual research project (dissertation). These will empower students to face the various different challenges and demands of their work life upon graduation.

First two years (DHEP) assessments are governed by CIRP and the Final year assessments are governed by University of Northampton UK.

 Transfer Options

Most of the students who complete the first two years will enter the final year of the BSc (Hons) Psychology program delivered at CIRP in Sri Lanka.

Some students opt to transfer to different countries and universities around the world. As a result of DHEP curriculum meeting international standards, students are able to get exemptions with almost all the universities they apply to. CIRP has already established transfer pathways to many universities in UK, Australia, Canada , Dubai and many other countries.

In order to support students, CIRP has established it’s international office and you could get more information by contacting them.

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  • Duration        : 03 Years
  • Semesters     : 09
  • RQF Credits   : 360
  • Schedule        : Weekdays/ Weekend
  • Intakes:          : February & September
Modules Credits
First Two (02) Years (DHEP Modules) 240
Introduction to Psychology 15
Biopsychology 15
Cognitive Psychology 15
Developmental Psychology 15
Social Psychology 15
Research Method (Quantitative) 15
Research Method (Qualitative) 15
Memory 15
Personality 15
Statistics 1 15
Motivation & Emotion 15
Human Mind & Language 15
Statistics 2 15
Psychometrics 15
Basics of Neuroscience 15
Final Year (BSc Final Year Modules) 120
Psychology of Mental Health 20
Psychology of Health 20
Forensic Psychology 20
Life Span Development 20
Dissertation 40
Modules Credits
Number of DHEP Electives 1
Introduction to Counseling 15
Introduction to Forensic Psychology 15
Introduction to Sports Psychology 15
Disorders of Childhood 15
Principles of Marketing 15
Principles of HR 15
Dynamic Business Environment 15
*Select one of the electives given above

Educational Qualifications - Standard Entry 

Completed A/L  (SL / Edexcel / Cambrdige / Recognized examinations body) with a minimum of 2 Passes in any Stream or have completed a Foundation  Programme awarded by a recognized College /University 

Educational Qualifcations - Special considerations for mature students 

A professional qualification with two (02) years work expereince ina relevant field
or follow the Access Diploma to Higher Education at CIRP.

Language Requirement

A high level of English Proficiency is required to successfully complete this programme.

English Proficiecny of the students will be assessed in the begining of the programs and students who do not meet the expected standard will be asked to follow the English Language Proficient Program (ELPP) offered by CIRP and obtain the required level of mastery before commencing the program



CIRP Virtual Learning Enviorenment (VLE) facilatates students to enagae in studies from anywhere in the world. CIRP Online Library which holds the largest collection E- textbooks, research papers and journal articles could be accessed through  Virtual Learning Environment. You no longer have to borrow print versions, you can read and refer to these resources though your computer or phone.

Check out CIRP VLE 

You can request for a guest tour in the CIRP VLE from a student admissions officer. 

Psychology Library 

If you like printed books you have access to the largest collection of psychology textbooks in Sri Lanka at CIRP Library. You could study at the library or borrow books to study at your convinience. 


Academic Writing Centre

A dedicated academic writing center to guide and train students in scientific communication to improve writing, referencing and citations. Students could visit the center by making an appointment and recive one on one support on their academic writing skills.

Internships & Training

CIRP offeres a range of internship, placement and training opportunites to make them globally employable. You are able to enhance your social, PR, leadership, organizing skills by taking part in these programs. You are able to select these opportunities based on your interests and future career ambitions. 

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Course Fee may vary based on the intake, please contact CIRP for fee and funding information. 

For information on Fees and application process please contact


Manager - Student Admissions 

Mobile : +97 070 341 8002

Whatspapp : +94 070 431 8001

Direct Line +94 117 221 727

Email : [email protected]


Funding through Banks

Many leading banks in Sri Lanka have collaborated with CIRP to offer various forms of funding options for Sri Lankan students including student loans, credit card installments ect. . You may find out the details of the banks speak to a student adviser to get more information.


CIRP offers a range of scholarships to both Sri Lankan and international students. You may find out the details of the scholarships Here or speak to a student adviser to get more information.


Students are also offered various discounts. You may find out the details of the discounts relevant to the current intake Here or speak to a student adviser to get more information.