• Level 07 (UK) Diploma in Education Management and Leadership Level 07 (UK) Diploma in Education Management and Leadership


Education is one of the fundamental building blocks of society. While teaching or lecturing remains a key aspect of education profession, success in modern education requires each teacher or lecturer to play the role of a manager and an administrator at different levels.

Educational management refers to the administration of the education system in which a group combines human and material resources to supervise, plan, strategize, and implement structures to execute an education system.

The education system is an ecosystem of professionals in educational institutions work with students, parents, media government ministries, unions, statutory boards, agencies, and society.

At all levels of the educational ecosystem, management is required; management involves the planning, organizing, implementation, review, evaluation, and integration of an institution.

Global Opportunities

In today’s context education is growing both as a noble service and an industry, whether it is primary, secondary or tertiary education. As one of the fastest growing and ever changing fields there are more and more opportunities opening worldwide for the correct candidates.

Expansion of school and university systems have increased openings where individuals who start as teachers and lecturers could climb the ladder by joining the management and academic administration. There are ample opportunities for you to progress in your career from a head teacher to a sectional head and a principal in school setting or from a module coordinator to a program lead and a head of department in university setting.

These opportunities are available both locally and internationally and specially in global education hubs such as UK, Australia, US, Canada, Dubai, Malaysia and Singapore.

How would this course help?

Managing schools and leading higher educational organizations is becoming increasingly complex and to become successful you need to develop essential leadership and management skillset. You must gain skills and knowledge that drives growth and enhances your professional practice to help you make a positive difference within the classroom or an education organization.

In this program you'll engage in critical discussion and explore theories and issues underpinning effective leadership in a variety of educational contexts. You will also consider social, political, cultural and policy factors that may influence your leadership role.

If you’re an international educator aspiring to become a high-impact organization leader at educational institutions, associations, government or private international education companies, this program can help you achieve your goals.

Broaden your understanding of the multi-faceted field of international education by learning how educational institutions develop successful programs, and how associations, private companies and government interact in this complex environment. Most of all, you’ll learn how to lead. The course is ideal for those who wish to move into or progress in educational leadership roles.

Recognition & Accreditation of the Program

OTHM porgrams are approved and regulated by Ofqual UK.



Assessments are designed to ensure that the students have achieved the required learning outcomes. Students are assessed through coursework and individual presentations.


  • Duration        : 01 Year
  • Semesters     : 3
  • RQF Credits   : 100
  • Schedule        : Weekends
  • Intakes:          : February & September
Modules Credits
Contemporary Issues in Education: Theory, Policy and Practice 20
The Management of Educational Change 20
Managing Effective Intercultural communication and Perception 20
Pedagogy and Practice in Education 20
Leading Reflective Practice in Education 20

Bachelor's Degree in any field or UK Level 6 Diploma or an equivalent qualification

Leaner MUST be 21yrs or above at the beginning of the program. 


English Language Requirement:

Must provide English Langauge proficiency


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